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Apis Chocolate Spread

Apis Chocolate Spread

The chocolate spread from Apis will make you smile in no time. The great mixture of ingredients is what makes it so enticing and fun to eat with anything. You can enhance the flavours of various foods just by adding ApisChocolate Spread to them, which will make them even more delectable. You can enjoy dipping bread, waffles, bananas, shakes, smoothies, pancakes, and ice cream in chocolate spread.

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Chocolate Spread

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No Artificial Colours or Preservatives

Apis Chocolate Spread contains no artificial colours. All colours present in the spread reflect the natural tones of its ingredients - chocolate and hazelnut. No additional preservatives have been added to ensure it has good value for your health.

Calcium & Iron Content

Aside from being a flavour-filled chocolaty spread, it is also a source of calcium & iron. As such, Apis Chocolate Spread also carries the benefits drawn from these minerals. The spread can be used in addition to any healthy meal for more satisfaction.

Rich In Fibre

There is a lot of fibre in chocolate spread. Constipation may be relieved and digestion may be enhanced by the fibre content. Additionally, it aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Delicious Spread For Anyone

Apis Chocolate Spread goes with any snack and is a great addition to breakfast that can satiate kids to adults. It's a flavourful spread rich in chocolate which children love and makes breakfast hassle-free.

Good Spread For Great Time

Chocolate by itself is a mood-enhancer. As such, every spread goes to make for a good time for anyone consuming it.

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